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Good sized funnelweb named for Elizabeth Jensen Gray reaching 80mm max size.


South from Bago State Forest to the

Khancoban-Geehi region, western side of Snowy Mountains, NSW.

At this size they will be good in a cylinder kitchen tub about 1 litre for depth or even 500ml would do just be more cautious when removing the lid each time. Want 2/3rds full with damp peat moss and this particular species likes sand and clay mixed together, we recommend kids play sand and clumping kitty clay, just make sure it stays damp right through to the bottom just not wet, because funnelwebs are very moisture dependant and add some sphagnum moss on top to help retain it.

Feeding on small crickets.


Sizes vary, juvies to adults.

Emma's Funnelweb - Hadronyche emmalizae

SKU: Hemmalizae2021
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