South Australia's only species of native tarantula. Only found up around the riverland, these amazing slings are great burrowers at all stages of their lives even as young hatchlings.. they are at good size about 3rd instar now.

Arid species that require a drier enclosure to others, I do this by keeping a dry side and only misting half the enclosure weekly when feeding, as slings they only require a 500ml round tub 2/3 - 3/4 full with peatmoss and half the surface scattered with Sphagnum moss to mist and hold humidity I always add vents holes (1-2mm max) to prevent mould but I also additionally remove excess prey after feeding.. that helps builds up their appetite for the next week and also helps keep mould away!

Max size 130mm

Selenotholus riverland stirlingi Tarantula (Advanced Sling)

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