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These supposedly dwarf species of Australian tarantulas aren't really true dwarfs being that they can reach upto a max size of 110mm.

Currently around 15mm diagonal legspan

Besides tropix having inter-cheliceral pegs under a microscope and being smaller in size they are very similar in every other way to their close relatives in the Phlogius genera.


Tropical north eastern QLD.

As slings they only require a 500ml round tub 2/3 - 3/4 full with peat moss and half the surface scattered with Sphagnum moss to mist and hold humidity I always add vents holes (1-2mm max) to prevent mould but I also additionally remove excess prey after feeding.. that helps builds up their appetite for the next week and also helps keep mould away!

Max size 110mm

Dwarf Rainforest Tarantula Sling - Coremiocnemis tropix

SKU: Ctropix2021
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