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If we want to "coexist and thrive" with animals, we'll need to stop fearing them and start getting to know them better.

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MAAI - Home to My Aussie Arachnids and Invertebrate

Here at MAAI we have a great passion for little animals and providing cool pets from around various locations of Australia, We are all for looking after our wildlife and so we have our own captive breeding that we are always trying to expand so we can sell captive bred specimen.. we also source them through our various other breeders. We highly discourage taking from the wild and that is another reason we love what we do, allowing people to have more access to these interesting animals without having to take them from their natural homes.

Our story starts years ago, growing up in an animal enriched and loving community that sparked a natural love and interest for the mini beasts in our natural awe inspiring world! Our goal is to help spark that interest in our community within the hobby, or even open up the eyes of someone new,  Take a look at our stock on the inventory page in the menu tab, it will be frequently updated so check back to get updates, No holds, can't promise anything will stay for any specific time either..We love tarantulas all other arachnids and also stock a range of different invertebrates.



Frogs & Reptiles


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